Teach your pup vital social skills

Isolation makes intelligent animals mentally and emotionally unstable. If you’d been left on your for long periods, you can imagine it would be hard to remember social niceties.

It’s the same for your dog. Sometimes we train dogs whose owners keep them isolated in their yards, for fear of their dog being ‘hurt’ by other animals, but this does more harm than good. Just like kids will occasionally fall on a playground, your dog may cop the odd scratch or mark from associating with other animals – but that’s very important in your pup’s development! Interactions with other dogs teach your pup vital social skills – how to read body language and learn who to avoid and who to play with.

Without this, your dog can develop fear towards other dogs, which can turn into aggression- then you have a much bigger problem than just a little nick!

So remember how essential socialization is for your dog. It’s never too late – Animal Antics have many options to help get your pup the social skills they need. Call and book today – 0430353209