Do you see the danger?

Do you see the danger? Recently, we viewed a Youtube clip – along with over a million other people – of a laughing baby playing with two pugs. On the surface, this is a cute video, good for a quick smile and nothing to be concerned about.

But there IS danger here – even if the baby is giggling adorably. The main dog isn’t ‘playing’ with this child – it’s rounding the child up, using dominant body language, and physically touching the child using its muzzle area. At one stage, the baby is knocked over by the dog, and later, the adult in the clip has to move their hands in between the child and the dog. This is serious trouble waiting to happen.

Dogs aren’t babies. A dog also isn’t a ‘sibling’ for a human child. This behaviour was physically dominant by the dog, and could lead to consequences in the future if the interactions between the child and the dog aren’t carefully supervised.

Babies and toddlers cannot defend themselves from an energetic dog – no matter how well you believe you know or understand your animal, it only takes a split-second for a bite to occur. Follow these three guidelines to ensure healthy interactions between your kids and your puppies:

1. ALWAYS supervise when your child and your dog are together.
2. Dogs should remain on a lower level from your child. When a dog is placed on the same level as a child (a bed or a couch) the dog believes they are equals, and may use this as an opportunity to dominate – plus, they are at a perfect height to bite faces.
3. Teach your children how to interact with dogs safely, for example, patting dogs on the back not the face.

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