Doggy Daycare and Dog Adventures


Do you work long hours?  Are you dealing with barking complaints?  Do you wish you could leave your dog in the care of professionals?

We understand what being a pet owner is like – you love your dog, but you have to work.  Your dog spends long hours on their own, staring at the door and waiting for your return, lonely and distressed.  When you walk in the door, they are ready to play, and if all of that excess energy doesn’t get used, behavioural problems set it.

Animal Antics has the solution – whether you have a dog with energy to burn or a snuggly dog who needs company.

Doggy Daycare

Your dog can spend the day in our Animal Antics Pet Salon.  With the care and attention of qualified groomers, your dog can socialise in air-conditioned comfort.  Put your mind at ease knowing your dog will be looked after in a safe environment.  Great for older animals and lap dogs.


Dog Adventures

For the energetic dog, try our dog adventures.  Your dog will spend the day outdoors with our Animal Antics Pack – walking, playing, running, socialising, and having the time of their lives!  Your puppy will come home exhausted and happy – no more barking or boredom behaviours.


Two great options – one great price!  Only $49 – spaces limited.

Discounts for 5 day a week bookings or multiple dogs.

Book today!


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