Imagine this:

You have plans to rise early and take your beloved puppy for a brisk morning walk while enjoying the sunrise and coastal scenery – but you sleep through your alarm. Now you’re running late!

You barely have time to get yourself and your family ready before you all head out the door. Leaving your loving puppy all on his own for the next 8-10 hours. You promise yourself you’ll take puppy for a walk when you get home.

After challenging the afternoon Traffic, you return home late and still have numerous chores to complete – let alone walking the streets in the dark with an over-excited puppy pulling on the end of the lead.

While you try to sleep, your gorgeous puppy barks – disturbing your family, neighbours and creates mischief with your furniture, clothing and anything in his/her reach!!



Call Animal Antics today – we provide an easy and affordable solution for you.

Animal Antics provides Brisbane and Gold Coast with Quality Dog Walking Services at affordable prices.

We currently offer our Dog Walking Services from Tweed Heads to Coomera on the Gold Coast while also covering most suburbs in Brisbane.


Walking starts at $20.00 for 30 minutes

1 hour walk is $35.00

Discounted rates apply for bulk bookings – book 3 walks per week for $100.00

Dog day care from $45 – click here to find out more!


Experts recommend all dogs require a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise every day. Most of our dogs problems can be attributed to lack of exercise!

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small unit or on a large property – ALL dogs need to explore beyond their yard to the world of enrichment & entertainment.

Call Animal Antics today – We can help you and your dog! You wont need to be replacing those destroyed items around the house, due to your dog’s boredom, and unpleasant visits from the council about barking complaints.

Dogs require three (3) things to receive a dog’s best behaviour

Walking, Training & Love

The most important one is Walking.

Call Us today for affordable, effective and trust-worthy dog walking services.

You will see a positive change in your dog’s behaviour!